Alle informatie over de WinterVuurplaats: achtergrond, actuele agenda, praktische informatie, vindt u op

English Summary

The WinterVuurplaats is a 13-days/nights event that takes place during the Holy Nights between Christmas Eve, 24th of december, and ThreeKings Day on the 6th of january. Traditionally these nights were considered holy, meaning special, a time for reflection, for going inward and renewing spiritual intentions for the year to come. According to a traditional Dutch Christmas Carol the earth is bare, the heavens open and the stars near..

Born out of the wish of a group of friends to celebrate Christmas together, WinterVuurplaats has over the past five years grown into a large gathering during all those thirteen days. We put up a number of Mongolian tents on a beautiful estate in the middle of Holland. Some of us stay there permanently. Every day the door is open for guests and for people who want to join us, share the work and whatever else takes place. Some evenings there is a scheduled program, others are open to what the moment brings and to what each present can contribute.

We create a meeting place, an invitingly warm and beautiful place, both in space and time, a crossroad for contemparory pilgrims carried by the deeply felt urge to turn to the questions of our time. Not in an abstract ‘big’ way, but close to the heart, in the way that each of us lives them. What will you ask, what can you share when you meet your fellow pilgrim and sit down at this crossroad and light a fire? 
This attempt to get close to the living contemporary questions finds expression in ongoing conversations, in creative projects, in performanaces and celebrations.
Although the WinterVuurplaats is rooted in the traditional christian festivals of the midwintertime, we wish to free them from claiming traditions and invite you: come and meet us, wherever you’re coming from.

Erik Lemmens, december 2007